Thursday, January 15, 2009


There are NO STUDENTS in this planet earth...

Who else can define a life for you?? Is that great leaders who made this world for you?? Or the parents who gave your birth? Or if you are a wild Wo/man, the jungle taught you the life? Or else the precious teacher???

I could say one thing about teacher… Here we don’t have teacher. We have coach… this coacher always tend to select first rank holders to provide their service… select, well groomed intelligent persons to appreciate. Well after all a last rank holder would be a poor one.. Deprived of paying fees or a neat uniform to school??? You can clearly see the dissimilarity. Now what we call as inequality… it’s seeded from the nursery itself.

What does a teacher means?? Is it teaching a real outstanding student to get good marks?? Is it teaching a Harvard business school student to get a job??? Or is it teaching a IIT/IIM student??? Then a computer is enough to replace the teacher… really these guys learnt more for computers and data than their teacher… Then who’s the real teacher??? Then what is school? Or the term Education….

I was wondering why the schools have the practise of praising the first class students? Why don’t have the practise of applauding most backward student in the name of knowledge, Skill, attitude and so on?? Why do the masters need the knowledgeable students?? And take there are 60 students in a class, if based on classification take 70% as A grade, 60% as B grade and below 50% as C grade. Most of the students are in C grade alone. Only 5% are in A grade. Is this the mistake of system?? Or the mistake of students? Or the mistake of coacher??( Oops teacher). Even the same teacher teaches the same subject at the same class by the similar method.. but how come these grades been shorted out??? Coaches say it as students grown in different environment and genetic… ofcourse they did… perceptions varies.. right its accepted… but still, the difference could be around 5% then where is the real % goes???

One major thing is exam… We are studying a subject for about 250days. How can we write these 25days in 3hours??? Is it possible for zipping? I would like to demand a software for this.. Obviously there will be demand from the students again for this software.

K. K. I am not against the teacher. I am deprived to get a teacher here. There are records that many students have gone bad due to lack of teacher… may be they got coacher… Even the most famous persons like terrorist have the coacher not in their camp… but in their school…

The jobless market has high demand in these days… we demand teachers… who will not make a miracle but at least a student…

We are not students… because we are taught by coaches…


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