Monday, February 9, 2009


life is learning and unlearning...

Life is a learning school, teaches the Value, Morale, combat and full of experience. Every occasion in the life taught me don’t miss the opportunity. The course of MBA changed the view of me, toward the business perspective. The value of business starts from the planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating and strengthen in controlling. Most often my academic courses made me to learn the subject knowledge, while the field works of my tiny projects and the interaction with corporate made me to learn the basic confidence, skill and the attitude to drive the goal.
The struggles stimulated me many times “watch out there is an alternative way to expertise”

The marketing teaches me to find the right alternative solution in the competitive environment. The progress in my career is never been without failures. The networking which is the soul causes for getting learned in this business world.

Even though I m fresher, the three letter degree is helping me in understanding of business environment where I can serve to the mankind. The concepts of demand and supply, targeting, study of consumer behaviour in purchase, created an awareness of business environment which I am strong enough to step forward my career. The business competitions that I participated made me to assess my competitiveness with my academic background. The “AXIS “made me to know the event management concepts and conducted a business management games which given me fun way of learning business.

The pressure and stress of this so called financial melt down tuned my grey cells to wake up and set alarm to synchronize the life time goal. It made me to know you at this earliest.
It’s quite tough as like writing a 3hour exam of 1year study. I have mentioned some little things in text, if I could have an opportunity; definitely I shell out why the “life is a learning school”.

Give me a opportunity to show case... till my showcase dont interrupt me...

Little voice from heart....

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