Friday, October 19, 2012


Just Love thyself...

UNSC - A new coin with two headed Tiger:

UNSC - United Nations Security Council has given Non permanent seat to Rwanda, Argentina, australia, South Korea and Luxam. Many countries are very eager to be in the sheep flock. But the thing is flock of sheep is always for slaughter.

Yes. In critic for UNSC the permanent members  of UNSC extracting the resources from these developing and developing countries. To me these following questions been raised with regard to UNSC.

1. How can employment of Armed force can bring peace in war field if already blood has been shed-ed?

2. How came some one from Africa can brings normal situation with Guns and bullets saying i am a peace maker to this blooded soil?

3. How could an alien can understand what the people of nation feel to express about their grievances?

May be, This is basically void. Yet, to break a war it requires a humanity. I guess wars are not beacuse of people living near borders agitate themselves. It is because of people inside the capital needs capital to exploit resources.

To me i alaways has this question?

1. Where is the family of Buddha? what happened to his kids?
2. Where is the family of Aristotile?
3. Where is the family of confusious?
4. where are the great leaders kids? what they doing? how are they?

What ever the person u may be.. your wealth never last for 3 generations.  Then why this war? corruption? etc. The nature has its own season. Hatred cant be the solution. Just love thy neighbor.

Just spread Love

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